Classes and Seminars

Weekly Writing Practice at Studio #21, Morgan Block Bldg., 1000 Harris, Room #6 (second floor). Old Fairhaven

This weekly writing group meets every Mondays at 1 PM. We write using Natalie Goldberg’s timed writing practice, using a variation of syntax: short sentences, chaining, long sentence release, and dialogue. We begin writing from start lines and keep writing until the timer goes off, ignoring monkey mind’s negative narrative. This method develops the voice, generates story, and frees the mind to venture into unexplored territory. Please bring a notebook and pen and come a few minutes early to make a cup of tea. Cost: $20/4 sessions or $6/drop-in.

Studio #21, 1000 Harris Ave. #6, Fairhaven.  Entrance between Good Earth Pottery & Artwood.

Contact: 360-710-7139 or 360-676-6823.


Building “Good Writing” Muscle

This five week class takes place at Whatcom Community College, 6:30-8:30 Tuesday evenings, beginning January 29th-March 5th, 2013. We will work at a sentence level to up our writing skill, practicing place, metaphor, simile, repetition and alliteration. A lively class filled with examples of “Good Writing.”  Please bring a notebook and pen, and come ready to have some fun. Sign up now at 383-3200.

Contact Nancy for more info: 360-710-7139 or 360-676-6823.

Wild Mind Writing I

When: Thursdays, Janary 2014
Time: 6:30 PM-8:30 PM

Location: WCC – Kulshan Hall #226

Spend five winter evenings discovering the power of “wild mind writing”! Based on Natalie Goldberg’s book, “Writing Down The Bones”, this intriguing class frees the mind through a unique practice that eliminates writer’s block.  Instructor Nancy Canyon will lead new and experienced writers through a variety of exercises–rewarding participants with a daily practice-style and fundamentally changing one’s writing forever.  We will write and read, developing the skill of non-judgment and first thought writing. Bring pen and notebook.
Call 383-3200 to sign up.

Wild Mind Writing II: Practice and Form

When: Thursdays, February 2014

Time: 6:30 PM-8:30 PM

Prerequisite: Wild Mind Writing I

This class will take our raw writing from daily practice into different structures: short-short stories, personal essays, and poetry.  We will learn what is worth saving and what isn’t, how texture and depth can be added to our writing, how to improve our writing at a sentence level, and where we might send our work.

Call 383-3200 to sign up.


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