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A eBook of Short-short Fiction by New Libri Press

Cover painting “Reflection on Padden Creek” by Nancy Canyon

Product Description: This is a collection of Short-Shorts, short stories under 1000 words each. Each of these short stories comes close to a well crafted prose poem.

Dangerous For Girls, These Boys Lurking Everywhere

Girls who know this fact to be true cover their chests with pale arms. Beneath their T-shirts, youthful bareness cannot be seen, but behind locked bathroom doors, their bare nipples come to little peaks reminiscent of swirled butter cream, like their mothers whorl with spatulas along the edges of layer cakes. Someday these girls might taste the moistness of white cake in gooey bites fed to them from their young husband’s fingers.

In Broken Latin

Product Description: In Broken Latin explores in a series of deft, witty, sexy, and soulful poems the misunderstood, idealized, and marginalized life of a modern Roman Catholic nun. In these poems, set in the patriarchal institution of the convent, Annette Spaulding-Convy comments on the American woman’s struggle for spiritual identity in contemporary culture through the voice of an ex-nun now mother/wife creating a life for herself in the world, while searching for an ethical, spiritual meaning not dependent upon traditional religious dogma.

Small Knots

Kelli Agodon

Artwork by Nancy Canyon ©2002

Product Description: Small Knots is a tender and terrifying collection of poems that maps the development of breast cancer, celebrates the family and life’s daily small joys, and meditates on what connects us to the world.

Flash Fiction: Very Short Stories

Sacred Stones: How the Power of the Earth Can Change Your Life

Product Description: Stones can teach us about our sacred connections-to spirit, to self, to memory, to imagination, to ancient energies, and to deep archetypal urges. In Sacred Stones, the sequel to Sacred Feathers, author Maril Crabtree offers a collection of stories, poems, and meditations about how stones-from the tiniest pebble to the largest monument-have influenced and guided us during pivotal moments in our lives.

Small Wonder : Essays

Product Description: In her new essay collection, the beloved author of High Tide in Tucson brings to us, out of one of history’s darker moments, an extended love song to the world we still have.